International Medical Journal     Volume 30, Number 5
REVIEW ARTICLE 238 Micronutrient Intervention during Pregnancy to Incidence of Preeclampsia: Literature Review

Siti Marfu'ah, Irfana Tri Wijayanti, Nopri Padma Nudesti, Retno Wulan, Zulhijriani Zulhijriani, Siti Fadlilah


The Relationship between the EPDS in the Early Postpartum Period and Infant Weight Gain during the Two Weeks after Birth

Na'eemah Zaini, Idayu Badilla Idris, Norfazilah Ahmad, Syahnaz Mohd Hashim, Nik Nairan Abdullah

  246 Diurnal and Day-to-Day Variations of Urinary Type 1 Collagen Crosslinked N-Telopeptides

Shimpei Fujita, Kenta Wakamatsu, Keishoku Sakuraba, Yoshio Suzuki

  251 The Benefits and Reasons of Student-Centered Classrooms: From Psychological Perspective

Takako Inada

  255 Stigma Perceived by the Family Members of Psychiatric Patient

Siwani Rimal, Yadav Poonam Kumari

  259 Computational Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in Human FLT3 Genel

Mustafa Ahmed Eltayeb, Amjed Abdu Ali, Sara Nihro Ibrahim, Thamir Basheir, Sufian Khalid, Mustafa Abdu

  265 The Knowledge Level of Retinoblastoma among the Clinical-Phase Medical Students: A Cross-Sectional Study, Basis for Improving Ophthalmology Curriculum for Future Clinical Practice

Naif Alali, Rola Ali Alotabi, Omniyyah Mohammed Alatawi, Nouf Abdullah Alotaibi, Faris Hashem

  271 Disabilities among Medical Students: Prevalence of Color Vision Deficiency as an Example

Naif Mamdouh Alali, Rabab Talal Aljayani, Hanan Mohammad Aljammaz, Rawabi Talal Aljayani, Faris Hashem, Mari Mohammed Alamri

CASE REPORT 276 Experience of Vinca Alkaloid-Induced Neuropathic Pain Alleviated by Shakuyakukanzoto

Takayuki Nakahachi

LETTER TO THE EDITOR 278 Efficacy of Thymoquinone in the Treatment of COPD

Serdar Kalemci, Huriye Gulistan Bozdag, Arife Zeybek

ESSAY 279 Portrayal of Women (excluding Rosalind Franklin) in the ‘The Double Helix Memoir of James Watson

Sachi Sri Kantha

  281 Citations and Sleep Episodes in ‘The Double Helix’ (1968) Memoir by James Watson

Sachi Sri Kantha