Amarendra N. Singh, Canada

Honorary Editor

The late Tsutomu Sakuta



Associate Editors

Takahiko Nagamine, Japan
Eliot Sorel, USA
Mohammad Khursheed Alam, Saudi Arabia

Naoki Aikawa, Japan

Yasuo Ikeda, Japan

Noriko Matsui, Japan

Takako Inada, Japan



Corresponding Editors

T. K. J. Craig, UK

S. Sharma, India

M. Haberal, Republic of Turkey

S. Lee, Republic of Korea

L. R. Sutherland, Canada

F. Marotta, Italy

T. Munshi, Canada


Aims and Scope

The International Medical Journal is intended to provide a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and information among professionals concerned with medicine and related disciplines in the world. It is recognized that many other disciplines have an important contribution to make in furthering knowledge of the physical life and mental life and the Editors welcome relevant contributions from them.


The Editors and Publishers wish to encourage a dialogue among the experts from different countries whose diverse cultures afford interesting and challenging alternatives to existing theories and practices. Priority will therefore be given to articles which are oriented to an international perspective. The journal will publish reviews of high quality on contemporary issues, significant clinical studies, and conceptual contributions, as well as serve in the rapid dissemination of important and relevant research findings.