International Medical Journal     Volume 28, Supplement No. 1


3 Immediate and Delay Antimicrobial Activity of Three Disinfection Solutions on Gutta-Percha Cones as Routine Chair-Side Procedure

Ahmed I Al-Jobory,  Anas F Mahdee,  Raghad A Alhashimi,  Safwan A Suliman



Acceleration of Tooth Movement in Orthodontics: A Review of Literature

Nuha F. Abbas,  Noor R. Al-Hasani,  Ali I. Ibrahim



The Effect of Adding Poloxamer Surfactant on Cleaning Efficiency of NaOCl and NaOH (SEM Study)

Thaer A. Mukhlif,  Raghad A. Al-Hashimi



Evaluation of Semi-Automated Software and Application for Cephalometric Analysis

Yassir A. Yassir,  Sarah A. Nabbat,  Halla A. Hamdan



Influence of Addition of Bergamot Essential Oil on Physico-Mechanical Behavior of Heat Cure Acrylic Denture Base

Zinah Salah Mawlood,  Ghassan Abdul-Hamid Naji



White Spot Lesions before and during Fixed Orthodontic Treatment: An In-Vivo Study

Shahba'a A. Mohammed,  Zainab M. Kadhom, Alaa Faleh Albo Hassan



Surface Analysis of the PEKK Coating on the CP Ti Implant Using Laser Technique

Aseel Mohammed Al-Khafaji,  Thekra Ismael Hamad

          33 Development and Validation of the Arabic Version of the Pain Sensitivity Questionnaire (PSQ)

Asem A. M. Abdaljawwad,  Dheaa H. Al-Groosh

  37 The Role of Soluble TLR-2 in the Immunopathogenesis of Gingivitis

Batool Hassan Al-Ghurabi

  40 Estimating the Role of Neurotrophins in Perineural Invasion in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Farah Sabah Rasheed,  Bashar Hamid Abdullah,  Omar Shebli Museedi,  Wissam A. Hussein

  43 Comparison of Gonial Angle Measurements on Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph and Orthopantomograph 

Shahbaa A. Mohammed,  Jinan Eliewy Saloom,  Hiba M. Hussien, Akram Alhuwaizi

  46 Association of Enamel Defects with Nutritional Status among Primary Schools Students in Al-Najaf City

Juman Mohammed Taqi Al-Talqani,  Aseel Haider M.J. Al Haider

  49 Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Infection Control by Dental Students at Pedodontic Clinic, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Mohammed Kahtan Salih

  54 Effects of Nano Zirconium Oxide Addition on the Strength, Hardness, and Microstructure of Maxillofacial Silicone Material

Israa E. Hussein,  Radhwan H. Hasan

  58 Evaluation of Children's Dental Anxiety in Colorful Versus Conventional Dental Clinic

Rasha Khalaf Zighair,  Zainab Juma Jafar

  61 The Effect of Different Prosthetic Appliances on Tooth Supporting Bone: A Radiographic-Based Evaluation

Rihab A. Kareem,  Alaa S. Mahdi,  Zainab A. Azeez,  Farah A. Hadi

  65 Visibility of Mandibular Canal on CBCT Cross-Sectional Images in Comparison with Panoramic Radiograph: Retrospective Study

Resha Jameel Abdulsaheb,  Areej Ahmed Najm, Firas Abdulameer Farhan

  69 Optimization of CAD/CAM Fabricated PEEK Orthodontic Fixed Lingual Retainer Adhesion to Enamel

Riyadh Abdulhamza Ruwiaee,  Akram Faisal Alhuwaizi

  74 Artificial Neural Network for Prediction of Unerupted Premolars and Canines

Saif Mauwafak Ali,  Hayder Fadhil Saloom,  Mohammed Ali Tawfeeq

  80 The Effect of Commercial Toothpaste Containing Aloe vera on Dental Plaque and Gingivitis: A Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial

Ousama Aziz Ibrahim,  Ahmed Ali Mohsin, Mohammad Hasan Alhammashi,  Jafar Sadik Jafar