International Medical Journal     Volume 26, Number 3
PSYCHOLOGICAL  MEDICINE 166 Discrepancy between Neuroimaging-Guided Diagnosis Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Clinical Diagnosis in Major Psychiatric Disorders

Nakamura M. et al.


The Development of the Ability to Concentrate Using Coordination Exercises for Different Types of Children

Polevoy G. G.

GENETICS 172 Association of PCSK9 g.24382G > A with Increased Homocysteine Level among Bidayuh Ethnic Groups in Sarawak Population

Mustapha M. A. et al.

NEUROSURGERY 177 Clinical Characteristics and Management of Intrasellar Arachnoid Cyst

Mohammad Nasir Z. et al.

PEDIATRIC  SURGERY 180 Foreign Body Aspiration in Children: A 5 Years Review in an Urban Hospital

QZ N. H. et al.

PNEUMONIA 183 Misuse of Antibiotics among Pneumonia Patients in Medical Wards at Al-Thawrah Hospital in Sana'a City, Yemen

Shaima A.G. et al.

PUBLIC  HEALTH 186 A Study on the Prevalence of Occupational Injuries and the Contributing Factors, among Health Care Workers at 48 Model Hospitals in Sana'a, Yemen 2016

Abdulmoughni M. A. et al.

INFECTIOUS  DISEASE 191 Successful Treatment of Necrotizing Fasciitisn Following Cat Bites in an Immunocompromised Patient by Ampicillin-Sulbactam and Intravenous Immunoglobulin

Takayama A. et al.

UROLOGY 194 Neurogenic Bladder and Urinary Retention Associated with Mequitazine in an Elderly Male Patient

Takayama A. et al.

CONTACT  LENS 196 The Effectiveness of Oxysep®1-Step Contact Lens Disinfecting Solution against Clinical Isolates of Acanthamoeba Cysts

Abd Ghani M. K. et al.

HEARING  PROBLEM  IN  DOWN  SYNDROME 200 Oto-Audiological Manifestations among Down Syndrome Children in Malaysian Tertiary Medical Centre

Ishak N. I. et al.

IRRITABLE  BOWEL  SYNDROME 204 Effect of Shigyakusan Used for IBS and Medically Unexpected Physical Symptoms Diagnosed by Abdominal N Line Tenderness in Comparison with Probiotics

Nakatani M.

OSTEOLOGY 209 Image Processing Technique for Age Estimation in Thai Adults by Histomorphometry of Decalcified Cortical Bone

Chompoophuen H. et al.

ANATOMY 213 Stature Estimation from Vertebral Column in a Thai Population

Sinthubua A. et al.

DENTAL  SCIENCES 216 Color Change of Dental Nanohybrid Composite Resin Materials after Immersion in a Daily Used Discoloring Solution

Youssef A. et al.

  220 Maximum Bite Force in Complete Denture Wearing Patients: A Preliminary Study

Patil S. R. et al.

ENDODONTICS 223 Prevalence and Configurations of C-Shaped Canals in Permanent Mandibular Second Molars in a Saudi Arabian Population: A CBCT Study

Alam F. et al.

IMPLANT  THERAPY 226 Immediate Placement of Anterior Implants: A Clinical Note with Four Year Follow up

Youssef A. et al.

DENTAL  PUBLIC  HEALTH 228 The Oral Impacts on Daily Performances among Children with Hearing Impairment Attending Special School for Deaf in Pasir Mas, Kelantan

Normastura A. R. et al.

ORAL  MEDICINE 231 A Summary of Common and Significant Adverse Effects of Drugs in Oral Region

Patil S. R. et al.

  234 In Vitro Study: Kinetics and Mechanism of Fluoride with Enamel Apatite Structure

Choukaife A. E.

ORAL  SURGERY 237 Comparison of Apical Microleakage of Four Contemporary Endodontic Sealers by Dye Penetration Method

Al-Kadhi A. M. A-A. et al.

CASE  REPORT 241 Giant  Fibrous Epulis in the Posterior Segment of Mandible: A Clinical Note

Anisuzzaman M. M. et al.

  243 Endoscopic Treatment of Congenital Vallecular Cysts: A Single Centre Experience

Naserrudin N. S. et al.

  246 An Unfortunate Incidence of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma of Nasolacrimal Duct in a Previously Cures Breast Carcinoma

Naserrudin N. S. et al.

  248 Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome Presenting with Early Infantile Sclerodermatous Skin

The K. H. et al.

  250 Surgical Removal of Impacted Third Molar Presented with Facial Cellulitis

Rahman S. A. et al.

  252 Disc Displacement with Reduction (TMD) in Teenagers

Rahman S. A. et al.

  254 A Case Report on Zygomatic Complex Fracture

Rahman S. A. et al.

  256 Fractures of Zygomatic Complex and Their Treatment

Rahman S. A. et al.


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