International Medical Journal     Volume 26, Number 2
PSYCHOLOGICAL  MEDICINE 62 Is Lurasidone Weight Neutral?

Panchal R. et al.

  65 Major Life Events Are Associated with Depression among Employees of a Public University

Yahya F. et al.

  69 Gender Difference in Plasma Paliperidone Concentration

Suzuki H. et al.

  71 Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Secondary School Teachers in Klang, Malaysia

Othman Z. et al.

CANCER 75 Fibromatosis: A Clinical Note

Rahman S. A. et al.

PUBLIC  HEALTH 77 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Exclusive Breastfeeding among Mothers in Malaysia

Marzo R. R. et al.

OPHTHALMOLOGY 81 Rehabilitation of Ocular Tissue Disorders Post Surgery by Prosthetic Eye Wearers and the Risk for Microbial Infection

Abbas S. K. et al.

ESOPHAGEAL  HIATAL  HERNIA 84 Relationship between  the Characteristics of Symptoms and Esophageal Hiatal Hernia in Aged Patients

Harada T. et al.

PAIN 86 Polymorphisms in the Dopamine Receptor D2 (DRD2) Gene and Cold Pressor Pain Sensitivity

Zahari Z. et al.

ADDICTION 96 Comparison of QTc Interval between Opioid Dependent Patients on Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) and Opioid Naive Individuals

Zahari Z. et al.

RADIOLOGICAl  TECHNOLOGY 101 An Attempt to Reduce the Volume of Iodinated Contrast Media Using Single-Source Dual-Energy Computed Tomography for Application to Patients with Decreased Renal Function

Tsukamoto T. et al.

PARASITOLOGY 106 The Effectiveness of Ciprofloxacin, Fluconazole and Amphotericin B against Clinical Isolates of Acanthamoeba Cysts

Abd Ghani M. K. et al.

  109 Soil-Transmitted Helminthisses amongst the Orang Asli (aboriginal) School Children at Sungai Raba Village Gerik, Perak, Malaysia

Jeyaprakasam N. K. et al.

AGE  ESTIMATION 112 Evaluated Age Estimation Using Aspartic Amino Acid Racemization from Skull and Sternum for Forensic Application

Monum T. et al.

PHYSIOTHERAPY 116 Improvement of Postural Control Using Homebased Balance Exercise in Post Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)

Zainun Z. et al.

  118 Impacts of High-Resolution and High-Cut Music Box Audio in Balance

Harada T. et al.

PHYSICAL  THERAPY 122 Altitude Effect on Dorsiflexor and Plantar-Flexor Muscles Concentric Torque and Hand Grip Strength

Abdel-aziem A. A. et al.

ANIMAL  ASSISTED  THERAPY 126 Influence of Animal Assisted Therapy Using Dog for Patients with Stroke and Examination of Nursing Care

Fujisawa H. et al.

ORAL  MEDICINE 135 Comparative Efficacy of Newer Antioxidants Spirulina and Oxitard for the Treatment of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Patil S. R. et al.

ORTHODONTICS 139 Overview on the Microleakage in Orthodontics

Al-Hamidi M. M. et al.

  142 An Overview of the Benefficial Effects of Qurectin on Bone

Al Hamdany A.K. et al.

REVIEW 146 Basal Implant: An Overview

El Moheb M. et al.

SHORT  COMMUNICATION 149 Career Preference of Future Medical Graduates: A Pilot Study from the Perspectives of a Malaysian Private University

Mohammed Harmal N. S. et al.

  151 Inter-Hospital Joint Training in Kampo Education for Residents: A Pilot Study

Nakada Y. et al.

CASE  REPORT 155 Trichotillomania Comorbid with Schizophrenia

Othman Z. et al.

  157 Branchial Cleft Anomaly: An Unusual Tale of Bilateral First and Second Arch

Gendeh H.S. et al.

LETTER  TO  THE  EDITOR 160 Factors Related to the Continuation of Paliperidone Palmitate Long-Acting Injection Treatment at 3 Years

Suzuki H. et al.

  161 Information for Authors